KESHAV SHARMA is a Consultant by Profession and a Rewire Strategist & Life Coach by Heart with 4 years of Business experience in IT Industry, Business Research, Consulting, Marketing, Training and Customer Services.
He is an MBA in International Business from Delhi University.
Keshav is a Passionate Speaker, an Ardent Meditation Practitioner and an Explorer of Human Behaviour and Psychology. Having expertise in Visualization Techniques, he has already helped numerous people through his amazing workshops at corporate setting and Tata Strive Skill Development Centre.
He has been inspiring people through his blogs for several years. After learning it hard way through professional, personal and emotional challenges early in life, he is on a mission to help millions Rewire their lives for Massive Success through his talks, seminars, workshops and personal coaching.
This book is one of the ways to support his mission to reach millions.
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