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Life is all about making a right decision at right time. And this is the best decision You have made for Your own self. It shows how committed and dedicated You are for your Personal Growth.
Believe me, you will thank yourself for reading this book.
Along with this book, you are getting some amazing tools which I have created by putting hours and days of efforts so that YOU can extract maximum value out of this book. I'm doing so just because I find contentment in helping out future leaders like You to realize their true potential.
Combined worth of this package is INR 2000/- but as you have already bought this book, I am giving a FREE Access to you as a gift from my end.
I urge you to use it diligently so as to make massive growth in any endeavour of life.
This package includes:
RFMS Workbook
It is a collection of chapter-wise exercises. It will assist you in exploring answers to the questions which a very few people ask from themselves.
Take out time to contemplate and complete those exercises at the end of each chapter. I can assure you, it will open new possibilities in front of you.
Audio files for Visualization Activities
There are 3 Visualization Activities in different sections of the book. Listen to these audios as and when you reach that part in the book.
  • Visualization Activity 1 for the Section: “Breaking the Ground”
  • Visualization Activity 2 for the Chapter: "Sow Your Dream"
  • Visualization Activity 3 for the Chapter: "Protect Your Dream"
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Congratulations once again for taking the right decision and embarking upon a new journey for life.
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